Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update on Super Charger

Well after going to the drag strip two weeks ago, I took some data logs and e-mailed them to Vince at Trifecta.  He reviewed the logs and at around 7 psi of boost my fuel system cannot keep up.  Smoke1lt from sent his car back down to Tracy to get the over drive pulley (that I have currently) and to figure out what is need to make the fuel system keep up.  We currently have two options, the first is using a meth kit, which should work no problem since another member is making 450 rwhp with twin turbos.  The second option is an after market high pressure fuel pump.  However after talking to Vince, he feels that the fuel pump is not 100% compatible with the bosh ecu.  I'm going to hold off on making a decesion on what to do until we hear from Tracy and what they did to Smoke1lt's car.  I should hear something by the end of this week, or early next week at the latest.

This past Friday member V6owner down here in Texas made a few runs at the drag strip with the stock super charger pulley and he was able to run 13.12 @ 109 mph with a 60 foot of 1.9x.  Apparently that run was his last and he was running on fumes.  He believes that he could have broken into the 12's, but unfortunatel that had to be his last run for the night.

If I decide to settle on the stock pulley I think I will be more than happy, being able to run stock SS times is pretty darn good!  Check back for news on the super charger over drive pulley fuel system and what I ultimately decide to do!