Monday, June 18, 2012

My Car Supercharged by RX Performance

I've had my 2010 2LT/RS since September of 2009.  Originally I was going to only do minor mods to the car.  However, once I started I could not stop.

Performance mods before the Supercharger were:
VMax Ported Throttle Body
Ported and Polished Intake Manifold
MRT V1 Mufflers
SS Mid Pipes
ARH LT Headers and High Flow Cats
Injen cold air intake
PFADT Lowering Springs, Sway Bars, Endlinks

However, I was pretty much at the end of the naturally aspirated route.  Once I graduated college I debated trading my car in for a 2012 Camaro SS.  However after thinking about it, there is absolutely no way I could bring myself to do that.  I learned everything I know about cars on my 2010, from oil changes to changing the brakes, headers, etc.  My 2010 simply had way too much sentimental value to me.  It was then that I started to think about going into the forced induction route.  After looking at the different companies I quickly decided that I would go with one of the RX Performance builds.  Tracy at RX Performance has invested a ton of money into R&D for products for the 5th gen V6's while most other performance companies have not.  However that wasn't the sole reason, Tracy has been supercharging vehicles since the 70's and has vast knowledge about forced induction.

Once I decided that I would go with an RX system, I then had to decide about going with a twin turbo build or a supercharger build.  I looked into both systems, however I have always been a fan of superchargers and  decided that's what I would do.  Along with getting the supercharger system (which uses a Vortech V3 supercharger), I also got RX's super chiller (air-to-water intercooler) which cools air temps down to 55-60 degrees, which is amazing in this Texas heat (90-100 degrees outside).  Finally I had my rear diff replaced with the rear end from an SS, the added power would likely play havoc with the automatic V6 rear end that didn't have limited slip.  

The system is absolutely amazing and I am very impressed with it.  However it seems that the Achilles heel of the entire build is the stock mass air flow sensor.  I had issues with it coming back from Florida, I'm not sure whether all the extra boost (8 psi) blew out the MAF or if it was possibly damaged from condensation that I found on the MAF from the super chiller.  I will be monitoring this over the next few days to weeks, to try and come to a conclusion on what the issue is.

Video of my car after the install

New badge

Intake Tube (RX Supercharged)

Picture of the blow off valve

Picture of supercharger (Vortech V3)


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